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Well hello!

This week I was camping in beautiful Manning Park BC , only a couple of hours from home, but I had no cell service or internet unless I drove with the kids down to the lodge (which I did do a couple of times for them to swim in the pool and ‘guilty as charged’ used the wifi to check in on emails)…

I’d love to say that it was a glorious summer holiday as a family, but I would be totally lying if I said it went well.

My poor husband tried so hard to make things ‘perfect’ for the family (in his words) and the pressure he put on himself set him up for failure. Not because he isn’t a skilled outdoorsman or an expert camper… it was because we have FOUR KIDS who all seem to be on a mission to make life a little more difficult at times 🤪

Ok, so what does this have to do with my business? And what does it have to do with yours?

Well… a few things.

  1. Even though I felt like I was in a total panic while I was away not able to ‘do work’ (check emails, post to social etc), NOTHING broke. I didn’t even turn on my out of office notification, I just let things be and trusted everything could wait a few days. 
  2. When you try to make everything perfect, you’re going to feel like you’re failing, even if you are having success… because nothing is perfect!
  3. And here’s the biggest one… not posting on social media for a few days will NOT destroy your business , and this is from the social media marketing gal. 

SO basically I’m giving you permission to take a break from social media and digital marketing in general here and there, I promise your business won’t break. We all need a break.

I always have a few posts (if not an entire month actually) in the queue and scheduled for social media posts so that I can check out and do things like this without it even looking like I’m away. If you want to get some content scheduled ahead of time, lets connect for one of my free coffee chats and see what offer is best for you. You might only need one of my brainstorming power hours to map out content, or you might want a whole VIP day where we brainstorm and then my team writes, designs, and publishes three months of content for you!

And if you want some pure entertainment, here’s a list, in no particular order of all the things that went ‘wrong’ with our camping trip (maybe you can relate?) :

  1. The generator we ‘reserved’ from Home Depot was rented out to someone else when we arrived to pick it up… so we headed to a home depot that was an hour away from home… 
  2. we forgot towels… so paid $30×3 for the last three camping microfiber towels they had at the lodge
  3. The kids hated the cold lake (and my teenage daughter found a leech in her swimsuit and lost her mind), so we paid $45 2 days in a row to swim at the pool at the lodge
  4. I spent the better part of three days cooking food that the kids said they didn’t want to eat (although… that’s the same at home anyways hah!)… spoiler alert, they LOVED all the camping meals… so maybe that was a win?
  5. My son cut his head open on the trailer door after I said numerous times ‘please be mindful that the door edge is sharp!) and we thought we were going to have to leave to get stitches… we didn’t thank goodness
  6. It was ‘dry camping’ so the kids were not impressed with no electricity (not so bad though, they were forced to have fun in nature lol)
  7. My 12-year-old somehow got her iPad stuck behind the bench around the trailer table… we had to unscrew the bench to get it out
  8. The baby would NOT sleep and rolled around all night and was angry when I wouldn’t let her sleep on the edge of the bed (there were sharp cupboard edges around her so I was trying to keep her safe… she did not approve lol)
  9. trying to protect a 2 and 6-year-old around the campfire was exhausting
  10. My husband and I didn’t get to sit down and relax with each other for more than 10 minutes the entire trip
  11. So… many… bugs…
  12. My sweet sweet husband HIT MY CAR with the trailer on the way out on our last day… we have to now repair both the trailer we rented and my poor Ford Explorer *ouch!

I could probably go on, but I’m sure you get the point. Some things just don’t go as planned, but you learn, pivot, and keep going. Marketing is actually no different 🙂

If you want to snoop the photos of the happy faces despite the camping blunders, the image below is a link to our Facebook album. 

Do you have crazy camping stories?

Until next time, have a great week!.

P.S.: the doors to the Plan that Social Club are now closed until the fall. Sign up to get on the waitlist to be notified of when they open again.

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