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Thanks for checking out our marketing tips series! Each week we will be bringing you one completely FREE marketing tip that will help your small business grow. 

Nothing in marketing is ever a guarantee – well… unless you’re advertising to give away free money. In which case, you just might have a winner! Point being is that every single marketing tactic you come across might work for someone or some business but not for others. It depends on what market you are in (location), what industry you are in, who your customers are etc!

This is why today, for the very first email in our series, we want to share with you ‘ The 4 P’s of Marketing ‘. Think of these as your guiding principles with any marketing objective.

Each week in our series, we will have a brief outline of a marketing concept, idea, or tool – and we will post additional information in a blog post. This way if you’re not interested in this particular topic… well… sorry we disappointed you, but at least you have less to read haha!

The right sidebar of the emails will always include FAQ’s on the subject as well as any other relevant stats or articles.

We hope you enjoy! And as always, we respect all CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) laws and always include a link to unsubscribe. So if at any time you no longer wish to receive our emails, you can click the good ‘ole’ unsubscribe button.

Ok ok.. we know.. get on with it already right?!


  1. Product –  The first of the Four Ps of marketing is product. Tangible ‘thing’/product or service.
  2. Price –  the deets on what people pay for your really awesome stuff… or services…
  3. Promotion –  Ok, so good for you. You now have a product (or service), and you’ve assigned a value to it. Now it’s about HOW you want to promote it. Ie. Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing etc.
  4. Place –  Congrats – you’re on the last one (we told you this wouldn’t be that hard…) Now you know HOW you want to promote your amazing product and at what cost, so… WHERE will you promote it? Think in terms of where your customers hang out?

Here’s an example of what our 4 P’s would look like for getting you to subscribe to this campaign…

  1. Product – This newsletter series (truth be told, this is our value add – and getting you in to this list is part of our master plan… I mean… marketing plan… to get you familiar with our brand so that we can win you over in trusting us with some of your marketing needs).
  2. Price – FREE.
  3. Promotion – Through email marketing – specifically using Mailchimp.
  4. Place – On social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest… we use the social media networks to talk about the benefits of getting this newsletter.

FAQS about the 4 P’s of Marketing

Q1: I’ve heard of the 4 P’s before – but is it still even relevant anymore?

A1: Some may argue with our digital marketing age that this theory isn’t still relevant, but we have yet to encounter a business that is successful without knowing theirs. You have a product… with a price… that needs to be communicated to your audience… we cant see that changing any time soon 😉

Q2: Who invented the 4 P’s?
A2:  Edmund Jerome McCarthy  (February 20, 1928 – December 3, 2015) was an American  marketing  professor and author. He proposed the concept of the  4 Ps marketing mix  in his 1960 book  Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach , which has been one of the top textbooks in university marketing courses since its publication

Q3: Do you have any templates to help me plan out my 4 P’s?
A3: Yep!  CLICK HERE  to download our word doc that will help you identify yours!

What people say about working with the 2022im体育平台网页 team:  As a mortgage company that although already existing is reinventing itself and growing at a rapid rate ,we needed marketing help everywhere. We required resources around social media, websites, collateral materials, and events . We needed to tell our story.

The leadership team at BlueTree highly recommends Brittany and the Empty Desk Team . They are our choice and will be so in future on our journey to be the best we can be .

Gord D
Partner – VP
BlueTree Mortgages WEST

“The 2022im体育平台网页 team “gets” social media and has done amazing work… As an inaugural non-ticketed event, we weren’t really able to forecast how many people would ultimately attend our festival event. In the end, we were overwhelmed by the almost 40,000 people that came out and without hesitation the buzz that was created by the EDS team online through our various social media channels played a big part in that success. Find a way to work with 2022im体育平台网页 – you’ll be glad you did!”

Scott M

Member – Rotary Club of Port Moody

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