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Implementing social media contests is a great way small businesses can build their audience and increase engagement. Contests can be used as a tool for generating awareness of your business, positive word-of-mouth, gaining more e-mail subscribers, motivating people to come try your business out, or to try something new your business is offering. Coming up with what kind of social media contest your business should host can certainly become a difficult and time consuming task, preventing you from having one together. So to save you the trouble, 2022im体育平台网页 has compiled a list of 5 different potential creative and easy to host social media contests for your business.


5 Creative Social Media Contest Ideas


1. Why you should win video submissions

Why You Should Win Video Submissions Make your audience get creative! Have them submit a 1 minute (or less) video showcasing why they should be the winner your contest’s prize . This will not only encourage participants to think of your brand while they work on their entry, but will also allow you to gain great insight into the way your audience thinks. It will also provide a holy grail of video content you can use for future posts, (thank god for throwback Thursdays).    

2. Pets in specs

pets in specs Have your audience send in a photo of their pet wearing a pair of regular or sun glasses. Everyone loves a good animal pic, and pet owners LOVE to take pictures of their furry friends. Plus, who wouldn’t want to look through all the cute photo entries to pick the winner? It’s a win, win, win situation.    

3. Show us how you use our product

Show us how you use our product An alternative photo contest you can host is to ask for entrants to show how they use (or would use) your product. This contest will naturally attract people who are directly interested in your product. Additionally, the photo submissions can also be used as user-generated content, that showcases on your social platforms how your existing customers enjoy your products.    

4. You tell a joke – They submit the punchline

You tell a joke, They submit the punchline Get your audience to interact with your contest post by having them provide the punchline. Start a joke off and give them a deadline to submit a punchline by. After time is up, select the best punchline that was submitted as the winner.   Creative Social Media Contest Ideas   Take your contest a step further, after you’ve had your audience submit their punchlines for the joke you set up, select your top 2 favourite options. Then, have your audience choose which answer is the contest winner by having them take a poll by a certain deadline. Once the deadline is reached, announce the winner!    

5. Have them tell a story

Another contest idea is to have entrants submit a photo in response to a prompt asking participants to, “tell us a story about a time when our business had a lasting impact on your day.” The contest will ask users to upload a photo of something relevant to the story, and tell their story in the description/caption of their comment, or however you have them format their entries. This type of contest is an exceptional way for your audience to build an emotional connection with your brand.

tell a story contest


Hopefully this list of creative contests helps get you started. Struggling to figure out what the prize of your contest should be? Click here for a list of 5 creative prize ideas for social media contests.



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